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Electroline Announces 3rd Gen Wi-Fi over DOCSIS 3.0

Montreal, Canada — October, 21, 2013 — Electroline announces the release of its 3rd Generation of Wi-Fi over DOCSIS 3.0 platform, a scalable and powerful wireless device supporting multi-application solutions. Carrying data over a DOCSIS® 3.0 backhaul, this cost effective platform can support fixed, nomad or mobile data transfer. At a time, where cable operators are looking for footprint expansion, and creation of a reliability for cellular network data off-load, the AQIII helps migrate capital expenses to "revenue generating" Wi-Fi Hotspots, but simultaneously adding DOCSIS® 3.0 network monitoring elements that can provide valuable RF metrics. In a extremely low uplink data transfer environment, a powerful outdoor transmitter makes Wireless TV a feasible, ready to deploy solution. AQIII, enabled by its scalability, software configurable, high transmit power Wi-Fi radio, allows for wider coverage range, higher reliability and superior data rates. Its smart dynamic channel selection feature optimizes the interference mitigation and allows for high overall network efficiency. AQIII's easy deployment, detailed network management tools, modularity, scalability offers a remarkable cost/performance ranking. The AeroQAM product will be displayed at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® in Atlanta, Georgia, booth number 1332. Questions can be directed to Electroline representatives by telephone at 1-800-461-3344 or by e-mail at info@electroline.com. Visit our site at http://www.electroline.com/.

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Questions can be directed to Electroline representatives by telephone at +1-(514) 374-6335 or by e-mail at info@electroline.com.

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With almost 60 years experience designing and manufacturing products for HFC and Fiber to the Home Networks, Electroline Equipment Inc. is a leading international provider of broadband solutions including DOCSIS® and Euro-DOCSIS® based status monitoring transponders and temperature hardened cable modems, optical transmission products, addressable tap systems, return path ingress management technology, drop amplifiers, and passive CATV devices.

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