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About Electroline Equipment Inc

Since its inception in 1953, over 66 years experience designing and manufacturing products for HFC and Fiber to the Home Networks, Electroline Equipment Inc. is a leading international provider of broadband solutions including DOCSIS® and Euro-DOCSIS® based status monitoring transponders and temperature hardened cable modems, optical transmission products, addressable tap systems, return path ingress management technology, drop amplifiers, and passive CATV devices.

Questions can be directed to Electroline representatives by telephone at +1-(514) 374-6335 or by e-mail at support@electroline.com

Our Story

Since its inception in 1953, Electroline's mission has been to provide innovative products that both improve operations and meet the evolving requirements of the cable telecommunications marketplace.
Having emerged as a true leading manufacturer of integrated CATV service solutions, the Company currently offers six families of products which include the e-Optic line of products, broadband addressable tap systems, return path noise management tools , drop amplifiers, DOCSIS based network status monitoring transponders and MPEG probes, and passive CATV devices. Renowned for its high caliber products, Electroline maintains that reputation by seeking out ideas and opportunities via its customers. Electroline's "Customer Knows Best" approach brings forward the finest quality and the most practical solutions available on the market.

Over the last 5 years, Electroline has achieved constant success in product sales which strongly reflects its ability to provide specialized-customized solutions and services targeted towards achieving MSO's demands in this new era of digital world. Electroline is looking ahead to develop several new innovations and explore other market avenues to remain a cutting-edge supplier, delivering products for fast-growing cable and internet service requirements. Electroline is directed towards market expansion. The Company will continue its marketing efforts in North America, Europe, Central America, South America, Carabean and Asian markets where the cable telecommunications industry is a significant part of these expanding economies.

Corporate Information

Electroline's focus on customer requirements, market growth, and innovative solutions is what sets us apart from the competition.
Why are so many cable operators increasingly turning to Electroline for solutions? Here are some reasons:


Quality of Manufacturing

Electroline's Montréal
manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 Quality Systems approved. This strict process guarantees that every step is controlled, from receipt of orders to the dispatch of goods to
customers. All products are 100% tested to ensure standards


Industry Experience

Electroline's knowledgeable,
dedicated, and experienced
personnel play a crucial role in the production of the Company's
products. Moreover, with over 50 years of experience, the Company has been able to set high standards in equipment choice, processes, and workmanship.


Reliability, Service, & Support

With an unmatched design and high standards of manufacturing,
Electroline's products are geared for reliable performance and low
maintenance. All products are backed by a warranty program with a highly effective technical support team.


Leading-Edge Technologies

Electroline's research and
development focus brings forth some of the latest technologies available to cable operators

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