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    GPON / EPON ONU for FTTH Access Network

    Electroline's GPON/EPON ONU is compliant with IEEE and ITU-T related standard, and compatible with mainstream OLT in the industry, which shows strong interoperability. Electroline's G/EPON ONU is designed for FTTH access network.

    Main features of GPON / EPON ONU

    1. Support WEB, NMS and TR069 management
    2. Meet FTTH requirements and provide high-speed Internet access and voice service
    3. Optional RF (CableTV) Overlay F-Connector port
    4. Compliant with ITU-T G984.X and ITU-T G.988 Standards
    5. Support DBA´╝łDynamic Bandwidth Assignment)
    6. Support uplink and downlink bidirectional FEC (Forward Error Correction)
    7. The downlink rate reaches 2.5Gbits/s and the uplink rate reaches 1.25Gbits/s
    8. 10M/100M/1000M rate, full/half duplex self-adaption
    9. Support IGMP Snooping and controllable multicast
    10. Support transparent transmission, conversion and aggregation of VLAN
    11. Support power off alarm and data encryption
    12. High-integrity chip: a single chip integrates PON, switching and WIFI modules, is energy efficient
    13. Support remote firmware upgrade of the device, which allows easy maintenance
    14. Small size and light weight makes it easy for upgrade and reconstruction of the old network

EDP-G1-1000 / 2100 Series

♦ Most Affordable
♦ High-speed internet access & voice service
♦ Small size and light weight
♦ Downlink up to 2.5Gbits/s & Uplink up to 1.25Gbits/s

EDP-G1-4210 Series

♦ Energy efficient with integrated chip, PON / Switching / WiFi modules
♦ Optional RF (CableTV) Overlay F-Connector port
♦ 802.11b/g/n/ac
♦ Downlink up to 2.5Gbits/s & Uplink up to 1.25Gbits/s