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Conductance test & battery charge equalizer

  • Description

    The Battery Manager and associated Probes are a unique product because never before has the combination of battery charge equalization and conductance testing been integrated and combined in to one product. Testing for the internal impedance is used to determine and track the health of a battery. The inverse of impedance is known as conductance and is presented in units of Mhos or Siemens. Typically the field maintenance staff with specialized test equipment performs conductance testing locally and manually. When the Electroline Battery manager is coupled to the Electroline Status monitoring transponder impedance is measured automatically and reported via the Web Server and viewable by maintenance staff on a Web Browser. Also the SNMP management agent makes data accessible to compatible management system software applications. *Designed to work with the latest DOCSIS 3.0 transponders *Adapt to SCTE HMS protocol *Remote Monitor with Web Browser Access *Up to 4 batteries per string *Up to 4 batteries