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RFoG NODE with Burst Transmitter

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FTTH PON Series Optical Line Termination OLT


  • Features

    - Compliants with ITU-T G.984.x standard
    - High splitter rate, each PON port supports up to 128 ONU and 1K T-CONT
    - Multiple ONU authentication mechanisms: SN, Password, SN plus Password, Loid, LoidPassword
    - DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) Bandwidth to 1218MHz GaAs technology
    - Supports QinQ based on port or service flow
    - Supports 4K VLAN entries, VLAN add, remove, translate per ONU service flow based
    - Supports IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol instances (MSTP)
    - Supports priority remark based on port or self-defined service flow and provide 802.1P, DSCP priority and Remark
    - Supports QoS scheduling based on port and self-defined service flow, supports of 8 priority queues, scheduler algorithm is SP, WRR, or SP plus WRR
    - NMS (Network Management System) via SNMP interface