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Power Supplies

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    Electroline offers power supplies to support its various products. They can be used to power CATV equipment that receives its input power from a coaxial connector port. Electroline SuperCAT, Ultima, CPM Drop Apms, and Optical Nodes Devices are some examples of the equipment type that can be powered by these supplies.

    The PS-x series converts utility source voltage, at the wall outlet, to a lower voltage suitable for powering cable television equipment over coaxial cable. A standard ITU input line cord plugs into the wall outlet. The “F” connector provides both voltage and RF to service the Electroline products. RF fed from the cable network is input to one RF F connector and is internally combined with the low voltage power so both RF and power can be transmitted over the coaxial cable. The EPS and EDXA-PA series are wall adapter power supplies and plug into utility wall outlets for DC loads of up to 700 ma. They can be used to supply DC voltage and current to CATV coaxial devices directly through a dedicated power port or combined with RF signal via a power inserter for transmission over coaxial cable to the device requiring power