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Warranty, Limitation of Liability, and Disclaimer of Warranties

Warranty | Procedure for Returns or Repairs | Procedure for Returns or Repairs (USA)

Equipment Repairs: Contact an Electroline Customer Service Representative at: (800) 461-3344 or (514) 374-6335.

Equipment Returns (restocking or exchanges):

1. The Equipment Return Desk cannot authorize this type of equipment return. Therefore you must contact Electroline at: (800) 461-3344 or (514) 374-6335 and ask for the Technical Support Dept. (ask for the Electroline Application Engineer that you dealt with) and explain which equipment you would like to return.

2. A decision will then be taken internally regarding if the return is to be authorized. As soon as a decision is made, Electroline’s Customer Service Department or Electroline’s Application Engineer will contact you. Please note that this type of return is subject to a restocking fee.

3. If the equipment return is authorized, you are then required to provide your company name, address, phone and fax numbers and a contact name along with an equipment list.

4. In the case of returns for restocking or exchange, copies of the related invoices are required.

5. A copy of this procedure, a customs form, a certificate of origin and the return authorization number will then be faxed to you. The customs form and the certificate of origin will have been completed by Electroline’s Customer Service Department. You will then be required to sign and date the customs form (# 4455) in the sections entitled "Signature of Owner or Agent" and "Date". These two forms must be included with the packing list(s).

6. Include the return authorization number on all shipping slips and boxes.

7. The customer assumes all shipping costs of the returned equipment to Electroline.

8. The equipment should be shipped to the following address:

Electroline Equipment Inc.
395, Lebeau Blvd. Saint-Laurent,
QC, Canada, H4N 1S2
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