Optimized Performance For Subscribers Anjou, Canada — August, 10, 2010 — A specialized drop amplifier is available from ELECTROLINE that provides RF signal equalization between 54 and 1002 MHz. The model EDA-EQ7 drop amplifier is typically needed where there is a long distance from the network line extender or where there is an unusually long drop cable.

As signal travels through long cable lengths, lower frequency channels can have higher levels than the higher frequency channels when it arrives at the subscriber’s TV. If this imbalance gets too great it needs to be adjusted or equalized. The ELECTROLINE Model EDA-EQ7 is a solution for this problem.

This is just another tool that can be applied by the cable operator to maximize the quality of service offered via HFC networks. Electroline offers a variety of other high performance drop amplifier optimized for the various applications.

Click here for an EDA-EQ7 Fact Sheet.


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