EL1550FTX-3 Series Fiber Optic Transmitter

EL‐FTX3 1550nm is a 1.2GHz optical transmitter for long distance transmission adopts advanced electric dispersion
compensation technology based on the standard model.

The standard model will create serious chirp distortion (the bias current of the laser is modulated by the signal, and the optical frequency is shifted and jittered). The distortion becomes more and more serious with the increase of transmission distance, transmission bandwidth and the number of channels. This device adopts the advanced technology of EMD compensation. According to the actual transmission distance, it can accurately compensate in 1km step.

It is mainly used in large area coverage and long‐distance point‐to‐ point transmission of secondary optical fiber network. It provides high‐quality but low‐cost solution to realize triple play and FTTx transmission system.

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