DOCSISĀ® Technologies for Mobile Backhaul

All cable operators are trying to fill the gaps in consumersā€™ disconnects and the loss of video and telephone subs on their networks. They need to find new growth engines and the one of next major opportunities is to transition to mobile operators and re-use their key assets - hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) plants in a cost-effective manner.

The Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) technology provides a good entry point for cable operators, which can be used for xHaul for mobile. The cable industryĀ needs readily deployable technologies to take the DOCSIS network from a merely cost-effective xHaulĀ network to a great high-performance solution, all without expensive upgrades and without moving to aĀ more expensive fiber-only solution.

Electroline aims at this new market opportunity with its core competence DOCSIS technology, cooperates with multiple MSOs and CBRS manufacturers to provide integrated one box solution for global 5G small cell applications worldwide.

  • Transport of traffic (data) from an end-user or a premise location (edge) to head-end (core) by using the DOCSIS protocols.
  • N+0 (RPHY) architecture is a desirable solution for a backhaul
  • Any type of Ethernet device requiring HFC access

- 5G & Cell-site (Mobile) backhaul

-Business Services over DOCSIS (BSoD)

-Wireless (Wi-Fi) backhaul

-Internet of Things (IoT) backhaul

-Business Ethernet Service with SLAs

-Traffic light control

-Security cameras (telemetry)


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